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Need interpreter ・concierge for your Japan trip…?

- Business conventions

- Business negotiation

- Company meetings

- Research

- Travels

- Cultural experience

Your interpreter, business partner, and friend in Japan

For anyone who does not understand Japanese language, but is eager to learn about Japan or do business with Japanese companies or even just want to connect, there is nothing to worry about the language barrier. We are proud to provide exceptional interpretation for clients across the globe. It has been a great honor to work with people with variety of backgrounds.



                Teppei Yamashita  

Many people love Japan, Japan makes everyone curious. And we take pride in being able to connect them to what they are searching for.


Having spent around 14 years living in the U.K and the U.S., Teppei has a broad understanding in different cultures and traditions. With a creative career background that includes art gallery assistant, graphic designer, and international sales for an animation company, he brings a unique and flexible approach to interpretation. During your visit to Japan, he stands by you to get a full scope of the experience, transcending any cultural boarders.



"There was never any feeling of disconnect."

- Jonathan Panyavong (Canada)


"He understands both the Japanese and Western perspectives

better than anyone I have ever encountered."

- Nicole Cusack (Alaska USA)


"Such a professional and nice person."

- Lediah Purnama (Indonesia)


"On top of the excellent professional services he provided, I also found him a pleasure to work with."

- Peter Neary (Ireland)


"A very warm and genuine person that you would be quick to call friend."

- Louis Kao (California USA)


"Teppei san made me feel comfortable, welcoming, and was very accommodating."

- Jennifer Nguyen (Washington USA)

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